The African union’s 50year development blue print-Agenda 2063 sets out a vision for the structural transformation of Africa through green industrialization. Aspiration 1 of the Agenda highlights the importance of the beneficiation of Africa’s natural resources, manufacturing, and value addition, as well as raising productivity and competitiveness Due to the cyclical price fluctuations in high-value metals couple with poor sector governance, the minerals that are most necessary for transformational development and are less sensitive to global market forces are the development minerals which include;( industrial minerals, construction minerals and dimension stones) are coming into sharper focus for the continent. Aggregates processed from rocks play a key role in creating, maintaining and enhancing the built up of environment and the infrastructure on which society and our quality of life depends. They are fundamental to the general fabrics of roads and buildings. In addition, construction is booming in Cameroon especially construction of high apartments, condominiums, concrete asphalt, railway lines and roads, making it an urgent need for the exploitation of development minerals. It is therefore important to characterize these minerals geotechnically for their suitability in construction purposes to ensure quality and durability of engineering structures.


We carry out our services in Cameroon by applying the most recent mining code of Cameroon. We explore mainly development minerals (industrial minerals, construction minerals and dimension stones) within the different basins in Cameroon and along the Cameroon volcanic line (CVL).We offer services to processing industries, construction companies and to private individuals.

Geotechnical analysis

- Los Angeles test

- Uni-axial compressive strength

-Bulk density

- Porosity and permeability

- Density index

- Compaction Etc

Preparation of slides for petro-graphic analysis

Mining and Processing

Processing and supplies of aggregate

Exploitation and supplies of pozzolan

Production and supply of bricks from quarry dust

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